There are a couple of things every back yard needs. Amongst them are: a grill, a small pond, a garden and a deck or patio. If you are lacking any of these things you are not getting the most enjoyment from your backyard that you could. Foulke Construction Group can help add in those components that are missing, no matter what they are.

If you are considering replacing or repairing a deck, get in touch with us. Many people think they can handle their own deck installation with the help of a buddy over the weekend. This can be a fatal mistake. Without the extensive experience of a professional construction company (like Foulke) you are risking a number of errors which can result in abnormally fast decomposition of your deck or even deck collapse. Your summer barbeque party would not be so great if the deck collapsed while everyone was watching the fireworks!

If you don’t have a deck or patio, Foulke Construction Group can have an installation done for you quickly. Our decks are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations and we can handle any level of complexity you can dream, even if it looks like something out of an Escher painting! Multilevel decks are popular, especially if you have a larger home or do a lot of outdoor entertaining..

Another popular item to go with and compliment your deck is a pergola. It will provide definition to an area of the yard, helping to isolate it from the rest of the space without closing it out. You can often find many people with pergolas in the garden, by the small pond or to define a sitting area. A pergola can often be installed at the same time as your deck for only a few additional cents on the dollar.

With over twelve years of experience, the architects and engineers as Foulke Construction Group are sure to be able to handle your project with ease. Before you ever think about letting someone pick up a hammer or saw, contact our team to discuss your project. The experience we bring to the project can be invaluable, even if you don’t hire us. But since we strive to exceed your expectations on each and every project, you know you are going to be satisfied with everything we do for you. We proudly serve all of Southern Jersey, including Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties.

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We started out doing just one bathroom, but after his work with that one, we wanted him to do both of the others.

Steve S.
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