Drywall installation and finish

When building a new addition or extending an existing room you will most likely be finishing the space with drywall. You want to make sure you have a team that understands the process. It’s not just a simple matter of hanging up some sheet rock and screwing it to the studs. There are many things to consider about your drywall installation and finishing project beyond this.

Contact Foulke Construction Group to discuss your project before you think about doing it yourself. There are many codes that must be followed before and during your installation. The last thing you want to do is install the wrong material and risk damage to the property later on. And if you don’t pick materials appropriate for the fire code you could end up with a far more expensive fine and remodeling project than you ever imagined.

You can also consider plastered or textured installation when you are having your drywall installed. Many people prefer the look of the different textures we offer to plain, painted drywall. Having a professional handle this installation is essential if you want the look of your walls and ceilings to come out flawless the first time. Many customers of Foulke Construction Group started their “simple” projects as “do it yourself” projects. They ended up coming to us to help fix the many mistakes caused by improper approaches. We want to see you avoid these mistakes. Contact us to get the details before you start any project on your own.

Foulke Construction Group promises to work towards your ultimate satisfaction. We guarantee to come in on time and under budget on every project. If you need help with any home modeling or renovation project, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to basement remodeling and deck building, Foulke Construction Group can help. Getting our help for projects like drywall installation and finishing is not as expensive as you think. Be sure to contact us before you try to do any work on your own.

With over twelve years of experience, our team of drywall finishers, drywall hangers and pro painters have the expertise needed to knock your project out in no time at all. You will be thrilled you called us. Our goal is to receive as many referrals as possible, and you are an important piece of that process. For all of your drywall installation and finishing needs, Foulke Construction Group will exceed your expectations.

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The owner Pat is a great person to deal with and he is great at pulling the ideas out of your head, putting them on paper and building them.

Anthony B.
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