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If you have been living in the same home for some time, you are definitely ready to expand. You have almost certainly spent time preparing house plans and maybe even thought you could do it yourself. The truth is, if you are renovating and old house, you really need experts with experience.

Foulke Construction Group brings over 12 years of experience to the process of renovating and remodeling your home. Not only can we provide flawless service for additions – but our team has experience with concrete, insulation, flooring and roofing – so we can also help on those repair projects, too.

How long have you been dreaming about that bathroom design? How often have you thought about installing that breakfast bar, or remodeling the basement to include a game area? Are you thinking about expanding the master bedroom? Foulke Construction Group has the architects and engineers with the right experience to turn your dream into reality.

If your kids have grown and moved out it is time to think about preparing for the new freedom the extra space provided. Just imagine if you convert the old bedrooms into new sitting rooms, perfect for hosting brunch on the weekend, or to help accommodate additional visitors to your party. When you combine your imagination and dreams with the extensive experience of Foulke Construction Group, there is little you can’t achieve. We make it our business to help bring your ideas for remodeling into the world. And by focusing on what you want early in the process, we can be sure to get it right the first time. We always come in on time and under budget.

When you are ready for a home makeover, contact Foulke Construction Group. Our team of engineers can help with all aspects of your project including new bathroom designs, additions and renovation projects. We have much of experience with plumbing and electrical, and our architects can help ensure the proper framing of your latest expansion.

We proudly serve all of southern New Jersey including Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester County. We are absolutely positive you are going to enjoy the experience of working with our team. Contact us today to schedule the initial consultation to get the process started. You have been dreaming about this for so long. It’s time you treat yourself with that extra space or redesign you’ve been waiting for.

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Pat is not only a honest and genuine guy, his work is flawless!

Linda D.
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