Tile, Marble and Travertine

If you have been thinking about updating your home to get the modern feel, you want to consider upgrading your surface to Tile, Marble, or Travertine. Foulke Construction Group has seen a surge in the upgrading from traditional materials, like wood and laminate to these materials. They provide a lighter, cleaner feel in many homes and really help open up a space. If you have a large home that feels small, an upgrade to any of these materials can have a huge impact on the appearance of size of the space.

We can install tile flooring in any of your rooms, but it is the most popular in kitchens and bathrooms. We have also seen many people who want tile installed in their pool rooms. The selection of tiles is extensive. There is no limit to what you can do with tile. The installation of a Tile Mosaic can provide any type of design or impression you can dream up. We have handle many mosaic tile installations that involved large murals designed to specification with the help of an artist. Your project with Tile can be as extensive and complicated as you wish, or as simple as traditional tile patterns. It’s up to you when you’re working with tile.

Marble is a material that is not as flexible as tile but provides a significantly more sophisticated and regal appearance. There is nothing like walking into a grand foyer with sprawling marble floors. If your aim is to impress the concept of grandness upon your visitors, we strongly recommend you consider marble installations throughout the home. And because of their naturally smooth and glossy surface, marble installations are always easy to maintain and clean. Marble installations are highly recommended by all of the team here at Foulke Construction Group.

A material that has swept the nation in recent months is Travertine. It is a stone with a natural appearance. Many are using travertine on walls and floors. Foulke Construction Group has handled many of these installations as they have grown in popularity. The flexibility that travertine provides is unparalleled. Consider it for your next installation. Talk to one of our representatives before you get started to make sure you are on the right track.

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